Jane, Roswell Georgia


Joe Lill, rock hall Maryland

My son is a paratrooper medic in Afghanistan and the very first thing he asked for was a can of Old Bay! We sent him one but there was already a half a can from the unit that was there before. Now all his Brothers in Arms are using it!

Dana, Laurel Maryland

A new recipe to consider... Old Bay Deviled Eggs: Hard boil one dozen large eggs. Mix cooked yolks with 1/2cup mayo, 1/4cup prepared mustard, 1/2tbsp Old Bay. Scoop mix back into whites and garnish each egg with a dash of Old Bay on top (in lieu of paprika). Simplicity itself and tastes great!

Sunny, Baltimore Maryland

For Halloween, I went to Baltimore Bike Party and thought "what B’more icon would make the most recognizable costume?" A few hours later, I finished my costume to commemorate a spicy 75 years of Old Bay. The pictures are blurry but my costume was a total hit riding through Baltimore neighborhoods.

Bill Parsons, Phoenix Maryland

Thank you for the new low sodium Old Bay. It had gotten so salty that, to get the flavor of Old Bay, the salt would puker my mouth up so that I almost swallowed my lips. I'll add my own salt, thank you.

Carl, Wesley Chapel Georgia

I moved from Baltimore to this God-forsaken place over 30 years ago. I first stated seeing OB in 2001, thank God! I like to put it on potato chips; Blue Crabs are scarce here.

Jamie DeLozier, Montgomery Village Maryland

Two year old requests Old Bay (my nephew) https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10100800132944389&set=vb.42802818&type=3&theater

Paul, Middletown Delaware

I grew up in Maryland on the Eastern Shore and Old Bay was a staple in every household. Besides using for crabs, fish etc. Try an Eastern Shore tradition of Old Bay fries. Steak fries deep fried and sprinkled with Old Bay. You will absolutely love it!!

Mercedes, Baltimore Maryland

I was Old Bay for Halloween and everyone LOVED it!! I received so many compliments and high-fives on Halloween. Definitely wearing this again next year!

Kristy, Newport News Virginia

I love Old Bay! I wish you sold t-shirts...please...

Cat, Bethesda Maryland

I grew up on steamed crabs & OLD BAY. When I moved into my first apartment at the start of 2013, I had a NY roommate & a PA roommate joining me. On our first grocery run, I bought the yellow can since I didn't want our new kitchen to commit heresy by lacking it. They looked at me like I was crazy!

Joseph, Franklin Virginia

When I was a little boy my father took me into a place next to the old Montecellor Hotel in Norfolk. I smelled Old Bay and have loved it ever since - three quarters of a century. Fish, crabs, shrimp, potato salad, hamburger, all must have Old bay to be edible. Joseph h. Stutts

Chuck, Baltimore Maryland

The first time I made my own steamed crabs was this summer day on my Sons 1 yr birthday 1966.I took the picture of my wife, son, and in law parents really enjoying Old Bay steamed crabs. Those were the days!

Mike, Dayton Maryland

Love Old Bay and grabbed Herr's Old Bay chips from a DC sub shop that was Philly themed. Old Bay chips tasted a little odd, but I ate the whole bag. The ingredients are not the same ingredients as Old Bay--substitutes MSG for celery salt, etc. Will never eat Herr's Old Bay chips again. Sad.

Matt, Columbia South Carolina

As a child growing up on Kent Island across the Bay from Annapolis, I started loving Old Bay and Crabs from an early age. Things haven't changed much since. I use Old Bay for everything. Even though I now live in SC, the Chesapeake and Old Bay will always hold a special place in my heart.

Kristen Pagano, Virginia Beach Virginia

Flew to London in November 2013 and brought along a small shaker of Old Bay so that while there, I could have my Sunday brunch Bloody Mary mixed up properly along with and Old Bay rimmed glass. It also tasted great on bangers and mash!

Bonnie, Middle River Maryland

Check out this little Old Bay babe! I see a new ad campaign, don't you? :)

Gordon, Catonsville Maryland

Last May I went to Tokyo to speak at a seminar. I had three hosts. I gave each one Old Bay as a host gift. I met them again last October in San Francisco. Before the meeting I asked them if I could bring them anything. They all said, "More Old Bay!"

Paul, Silver Spring Maryland

Old Bay is really good mixed in scrambled eggs in pan.

Chris Taylor, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom South Carolina

I live in the United Kingdom my current favourite is Hot Shrimp, with a table spoon of Old bay generously tossed with shrimp, one small hot chilli, thumb of peeled ginger, clove of garlic all finally chopped, touch of rapeseed oil and fry, toss over rice or noodles, smile and enjoy with friends!

Addie, Hebron Maryland

I am an Eastern Shore of Maryland Native, but I go to school in southern Virginia. They don't use any Old Bay on any of the school food! Therefore I carry a container with me in my bag at all times.

Derek Jones, Silver Spring Maryland

I was in Fort Lauderdale & my host confessed that she is an Old Bay junkie. She had 7 large cans in her spice rack. Wow! I use it every day but don't have 7 cans. I didn't know South Floridians used Old Bay. U Da Man Old Bay!

Gary, Baltimore Maryland

You can't have a Baltimore tattoo leg without the Old Bay!

Patsy, The Woodlands Texas

I couldn't decide between the Old Bay Lemon & Herb or the Garlic & Herb so I bought both and mixed them together. Yumm! Perfect blend for all seafood. I won't buy anything else now.

Dave, Pasadena Maryland

I fly mid and high power rockets with a club, and I just had to build "The Old Bay Daddy!" Its an Estes Big Daddy Rocket kit aptly renamed!

keith lewis, wilmington North Carolina

Fire up the grill. grab sum chicken leg quaterspull the skin back shake on sum old bay. Throw. em. on for a while. get ur shrimp on a skewer a shake. Sum old bay on em. grill em . drink a cold one. and watch tthe horizon grow dim on masonboro ils..

Bill Starke, wilmington North Carolina

Summertime memories - feelings, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes - live on in my kitchen and on my truck year round.

Bill Starke, Wilmington North Carolina

The memories and smells of summer live on year round in my kitchen and on my truck!

Rick, Huntingtown Maryland

Talked my favorite chicken wing restaurant in North Carolina to make Old Bay Wings. They are the new favorite on the menu.

Tammy Perry, Severn Maryland

Everything, but the most popular is our famous Maryland Crabs :-) nothing compares around the world to our blue crab!

Anne, Niceville Florida

A visitor/family tradition is their 1st meal at our house is fresh gulf shrimp boiled in Old Bay, red skin potatoes & corn on cob. Easy, quick and very tasty!! Served with plenty of extra Old Bay.

Amelia Heilmann Skinner, Flint Texas

My father would take me to a second floor building overlooking the harbor and purchase Old bay from a old man. He would put it in a small unmarked cardboard box. It was about 10 pounds. I was about 5 or six yrs old I am 77.. Still love it and use it. Have it sent from Balto

Dan, Hallieford Virginia

Even the crabs enjoy a cold one with, well, crabs.

Dan, Hallieford Virginia

The best crabs know the best seasoning.

Chris, Townsend Delaware

I use Old Bay on just about everything! It all started back in middle school, where they set out Old Bay as an alternative for salt on french fries. After that I was hooked. Plus the fact that Old Bay is local to me!

Lori Therwanger, Columbia, MD Maryland

I had never tasted crabs in New Jersey even though there was an abundance of them. However, when I moved to Maryland I finally got myself into crabs which was kinda hard because of their looks. Now I love them cover with Old Bay. Old Bay sold me on them.

Sue Rudick, Port St. Lucie Florida

I love Old Bay. I am originally from Baltimore and Old Bay( we called it "O Bay" is a staple that I used on seafood, tuna fish and especially potato salad. I have a Ravens can that my sister sent to me.

Mike, Forest Hill Maryland

Old Bay on corn-on-the cob! Old Bay in a cool summer macaroni salad a la Gunnings Restaurant receipe! Old Bay in a Bloody Mary! Old Bay on a tuna/cheese melt!

Alyssa, Baltimore Maryland

Old Bay has always been a part of my life, it defines Marylands seafood and gives pride to Baltimore. I love Old Bay so much that I made a Halloween costume for 2012 and just went as a can of Old Bay. It was a hit.

Mary Beth, Riverdale Delaware

I was making deviled eggs for a picnic and realized I had no paprika....uhoh! What to do - reached for my favorite seasoning and sprinkled them liberally with Old Bay! Everyone loved them and there is no worry about 'how long' they are out in the sun! They disappear before that is ever a concern!

Mary, Weatherford Oklahoma

Is Old Bay like what use to be Chesapeake Bay Style Seafood Seasonings? Because it was the best in my crab dip. Can't find it anymore.

Peter Catal, Venice Florida

What ever happened to Better Batter, I've been searching the planet for it, non-stop.

Kendra, Rockville Maryland

We shipped Maryland blue crabs to South Carolina for a family party before my daughter's wedding and took two cans of Old Bay with us on the trip to make sure we had enough!

Dennis, Chesterfield Virginia

Try some Old Bay when you are grilling steaks. I would never have thought to put it on steaks but it is great.

Wendy, Baltimore Maryland

We put Old Bay on our deviled eggs instead of paprika! My son and husband took it with them when they went to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM this past summer. They introduced other scouts from around the country to what we in MD have been enjoying all our lives!

John Haugland, Houston Texas

My family found 20 tins of OLD BAY in our pantry when we moved into our house. In 6 years, we are are down to our last tin. I have made it my mission to find more OLD BAY in stores. Thank you for giving me 6 glorious years.

Chuck, sykesville Maryland

I put Old Bay on Old Bay!

Sandy, Accokeek Maryland

Old Bay is "the" spice in our family even take it with us to restaurants.

Mark, Cambridge Maryland

Just found new way to steam corn: Put whole ear (husk and all) into microwave for 4 minutes (per ear). Remove husk (carefull it's hot!) and all the silk comes right off! The cob is perfectly clean and ready for a healthy dose of Old Bay!

Karen, Owings Mill Maryland

It's a Balmer thing Hon, Old Bay on everything ! Why top a Deviled Egg with just Paprika- in Balmer, we top it with OLD BAY ! They are the first thing to go at cookout's and parties and they are always "By request " .

Nick, Mechanicsville Maryland

I put Old Bay on everything. Everything. Just created "Old Baycon." Thick-cut sliced bacon bake on a sheet pan at 350 for 8 minutes and covered in Old Bay. Flip, add more Old Bay and set to broil. Watch carefully so it does not burn. Enjoy!

Rose, Baltimore Maryland

I love old bay on everything. From crabs to chicken, pasta, soups, salads and veggies. Great on grilled silver queen corn in the summer. I always have Old Bay and now the flavored Old Bays at my house. Love the Lemon Herb and The Garlic and Herb. Taste great with a hint in a Bloody Mary.

DEE, brentwood Maryland

I did not have any crab meat, so I used canned chicken(drained) to make "mock Crabcakes" I fixed them the same as crabcakes, I fried my slowly till just browned. , use the Old Bay Recipe, what a treat, we loved them. will fix them again,


I moved to Austin in 1979 from Baltimore. At that time you could not purchase Old Bay 'down here'. my care packages from home always included Old Bay...shipped 1500 miles by my mother. She is gone now so it's a good thing I can buy Old Bay at the grocery store. Love my Old Bay!

Sally, Baltimore Maryland

I love Old Bay so much that I got a "tattoo" to show my Baytriotism!

Carol Mullins, Edgewood Maryland

A family member did not like pickles so I had to come up with another idea. Added Old Bay to Tuna fish to come up with a new Tuna Salad Recipe.

Cyndy, Phoenix Maryland

My daughter has been living in Europe for the past year. Her brother is visiting her and had to bring a can of Old Bay for her.

Marianne, Around Bmore Maryland

There isn't a time in my life when I don't remember Old Bay being there! And I'm over 40!! It's as much a part of my home as my family. Best way to enjoy it is licking it off of hot, steamed crabs! But I use it in everything!

Jo Anne Andrew, Easton Maryland

Our daughter, an Eastern Shore native who lives in Truckee, Ca, is being married at the Maritime on July 22. She wants small prepackaged Old Bay as part of the favors to complement her shore wedding. If they exist, the pictures will come later.

Daniel, Rising Sun Maryland

I put it on everything, I mean EVERYTHING, ice cream (yeah, sounds gross but it's not bad) popcorn, everything!

Sal, Virginia Beach Virginia

Fat Philly's in Norfolk, VA uses Old Bay seasoning with some pepper to spice up his French Fries. It is nothing short of fantastic.

Matt, Middletown Maryland

Not only do I like my crabs covered in Old Bay, I also HAVE to have a big pile of Old Bay poured onto the table to smother the crab meat itself in.

Charyle, Fort Worth Texas

Where can I purchase this stuff? Can't seem to find a store that carries it. This is Texas and Texans don't know squat about good food (I am not from here). Their Mexican food, BBQ both suck!

john martin, Auckland New Zealand Maryland

Having been to Maryland many times and loving the crab cakes, I have been missing that extra kick in my seafood. I can now get back to the good old days as Old Bay has come to the shores of New Zealand. God bless Old Bay and God bless America

Pam, Fredericksburg Virginia

Shrimp! Must have it in boiled spiced shrimp. Old Bay, pickling spice, vinegar and water, delicious. Lemon and Herb on Salmon, with lemon juice, bake or grill. Garlic and Herb on red potato wedges roasted on the grill. Spray thoroughly with olive oil, sprinkle Old Bay. The list is endless!

Ron, Dover Delaware

I use Zesty Italian dressing,garlic,an onion powder, worchestershire, and old Bay, plus a little crushed red pepper. Marinade over night. grill it.. It's excellent on chicken or pork. I've done pork roast and chops this way, and any kind of chicken YMMM.. GOOD.


In a bowl put Old bay and mayo, mix together then roll small red potatoes in mixture. Spray pan with Pam. Cook at 350 in oven till tender about 35 minutes. My family loves them

Susan, Holly Springs North Carolina

Old Bay on everything ~ pizza, corn on the cob, chix salad ~ oh - tomato sandwiches with mayo on white bread! - I so miss those hot steamed crabs....from Towson, MD....I always make my shrimp with beer and Old Bay - now, my friends make it that way too!

Sarah, Nags Head North Carolina

Love Old Bay on fries! We call them seasoned fries, but I've heard them called crab fries too.

Angela, New Market Maryland

I put Old Bay on my egg & veggie sausage sandwich in the mornings & always always put it on grilled cheese sandwiches! It's really good in tomato juice, too!

Bob, Springfield Virginia

Preparing turkey for Thanksgiving, I realized I had no paprika! I found the Old Bay tin and read the ingredients. Using the chicken marinade recipe (but substituting butter for oil) I popped the bird in the oven 30 minutes ago. Bet this will be a great tasting bird!

Phil M., Baltimore Maryland

Born and lived in Baltimore my entire life. The distinctive can has been in the pantry my entire life. From the breakfast table of sausage and eggs to the late night pizza, the can is out. Have tried other pricey competitors but nothing says spicy like Old Bay, hon.

Dan, Timonium Maryland

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Glen, Hunt Valley Maryland

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Dan, Timonium Maryland


Dan Slattery, Timonium Maryland

I put it on Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Bonnie, Baltimore Maryland

I'm a Maryland girl, old bay to us is like salt to everyone else. Carry it everywhere I go to "Spinkle"

Danielle, Frederick Maryland

I can remember going to Ocean City during the summer and passing by where they made Old Bay. I use Old Bay on everything from seafood (of course) to popcorn to eggs...the list is endless!

Barbara, Lothian Maryland

Ok, Im 51, and have been hooked my whole life! I carried Old Bay to Jr. and High School with me in a little medicine bottle. Now many years later, I have a bottle of Old Bay at work and sprinkle it on everything. Ok, yes, I still wet my finger, dip it and hmmmm!

Brandon, Essex Maryland

I've lived in Maryland all my life. If a seafood restaurant ain't got Old Bay on the table or brought with the meal, I won't eat there because I know that's NOT real Maryland eatin'!

Debbie Howard, Baltimore Maryland

My auntie moved from Baltimore to Florida some years ago- before they sold Old bay there, we would send her a case of it for Christmas present. We put Old Bay on everything here -but my secret is that i put it in my tuna fish- all the kids want me to make thier sandwiches!

David Rubin, Baltimore Maryland

I bought a can of Old Bay with 1133 servings on New Years day. Its now mid July and I just finished it this morning. If Old Bay made a shirt with the can on front and the nutrition facts table on the back, it would be my go-to shirt.

Alex, Severna Park Maryland

It's pretty common here to go places where french fries are served with Old Bay already on them. In my family though we docter them up with a little white vinegar and ketchup for dipping. GOTTA have the Old Bay on 'em though. Wouldn't be the same without it.

Betty, Baltimore Maryland

I season my chicken up with Old Bay and then I fry it. It's the best fried chicken. Also works well when you boil chicken with it. I just love my Old Bay it goes well on all meats and veggies.

Andrea, Apollo Beach Florida

17 year ago my family & I were talking about moving from B-more to FL. When we went down to check things out I had to go to the grocery stores to make sure I could get Old Bay or I wasn't moving. I put it in or on just @ everything!

Chris, ashton Maryland

There are far less things out there that OLD BAY is not good on then things that IT IS good on! Its good on literally everything! If you are from Maryland and don't like OLD BAY you get deported to another state.

Allen Grant, Baton Rouge Louisiana

I have been battling the crab boilers for 9 years while in exile down in Louisiana. As much as I try. I can't convince folks to even try the goodness that Old Bay and kosher salt bring to the succulent meat of our beautiful swimmers.

David , Jarrettsville Maryland

just look at the picture, done a week ago at Daddy Dice Tattoo's in Bel Air, MD.

Debbie, Eastern Shore Maryland

I eat OLD BAY on everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. OLD BAY ALL THE WAY!!!!

Angie, Baltimore Maryland

Ditto, Patti! Old Bay and eggs were made for each other!

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY GoBot Robot

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

It's 11:30...do you know where your OLD BAY is?

Deborah LIberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY HON CONTEST...I need a lot of practice for my OLD BAY HON Hairdo.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY FISHING LURE...of all the fishing lures that we make and sell, the OLD BAY lures are the most popular in the land of pleasant living.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY has been an effective, doctor recommended topical treatment for ringworm for humans and pets for years.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY BUNNY SHAKE AND BAKE ...your kids will be saying, "AND I HELPED TOO".

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY WINE...produced in the land of pleasant living. With this wine you will experience the savory blend of 12 spices as you breathe in the bouquet and the taste pirouetting across the tongue.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY TIME SAVER...put a couple of tablespoons of OLD BAY into your grated cheese. It will save you valuable time when using it on pizza, popcorn, vegetables and soup.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY TRAVEL...usless you like to get stripsearched, it is best to have your OLD BAY can in your checked baggage. Pack a small stash in your carry-on baggage in a plastic bag just in case your luggage gets lost.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY INCOGNITO...this is one of the many ways that I have brought OLD BAY into restaurants where it is not used or served.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY CAN MANICURE...this is the perfect manicure for attending a crab feast. The pointed nails made of metal can really dig in and get every bit of crab in all of the nooks and crannies.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose OLD BAY...I have always used the lids of the OLD BAY cans as coasters to protect the fine antiques that have been passed down through the family.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

GREEN OLD BAY...when your OLD BAY can is empty, fill it with water and put it in your freezer. You always want your freezer as full as possible to save energy.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY BRACELET...this colorful stylish bracelet will work well in any business atmosphere dress code... formal business, corporate casual, casual Fridays and for the dinner party later in the evening. Let your colleagues and clients know where your fashion sense is.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

The only difference between being in a rut and a grave are the dimensions. OLD BAY 2009

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Batteries...$30.00 Cans of OLD BAY...$12.00 Taking over 100 pictures of OLD BAY for 70 days...USELESS.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

HAIRBALL DISINTEGRATOR...OLD BAY can safely and efficiently deslime trichobezoar so that they can be swept away within minutes. The savory OLD BAY aroma actually makes the chore pleasant.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY TEETH GRILLZ...made from recycled OLD BAY cans these grillz are lead free, hand made, removable and one size fits all. The excellent workmanship is noticed immediately.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY is part of my beauty routine everyday.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

“Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends”...OLD BAY

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY CANDLE HOLDERS...I have always repurposed my used OLD BAY cans for romantic candle holders for my dinner parties on the patio.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY DE-ICER...OLD BAY comes in handy for those icey spots when Grandma visits.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY BEEF JERKY...my internet sales of beef jerkey went through the roof when I added the land of pleasant living OLD BAY flavor.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY CAN CHICKEN...using a repurposed empty OLD BAY can, remove red plastic top, fill with your favorite adult beverage and add two tablespoons of OLD BAY. Place can into chicken cavity and bake at 400 for 75 minutes.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

I always have added a quarter cup of OLD BAY to ashtrays because of its extinquishing properties and the pleasant aroma minimizes the smoke and foul odors.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Repurposed OLD BAY CAPS help to keep the birds away from my prize winning Virginia tobacco.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

LIQUID OLD BAY...due to popular demand, now OLD BAY comes available in a liquid form with a convenient pour and spray dispenser.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY PEPPER SPRAY has become part of my self defense equipment and it's great in Chili too.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Upcycled OLD BAY cans make keeping my prize tomatoes off of the ground easy.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY photographed at the potato swirl counter at the OLD FIDDLERS' CONVENTION in Galax, Virginia on August 8, 2009.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY GUITAR PICKS...the popularity of my OLD BAY metal guitar picks has soared. The thin metal produces exactly the sound that bluegrass pickers want.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY heavy duty mailbox flag replacements (patent77664) have Post Office approval.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY SANDPAPER...I have always made my own sandpaper when finishing my fine furniture, OLD BAY has been my favorite for a medium grit abrading particle and it smells good too.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY 1978

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY 1954

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY 1966

Deb Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY 2000

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY 1986

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY LEVELERS...I have found that the lids of the OLD BAY cans with its large diameter base support has proven to be tough, rugged, and dependable in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

When preparing my all natural tobacco for shipment to my customers, the most popular flavor is a secret recipe of honey, Tennessee Whiskey and OLD BAY.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

My OLD BAY necklaces and bracelets did not sell so well for some reason?

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY... 9 1/2 Weeks

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY TARGETS...Used OLD BAY cans are excellent to use for target practice and get a thumbs up by the metal target enthusiasts.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY PIN CUSHIONS..because of such a high demand I have had to outsource the productions of the pin cushions to a group of Ohio Amish woman.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES...I have always used repurposed OLD BAY cans as an economical and fireproof way to protect my valuable possessions and papers.

Bela Musina, Marietta Georgia

I was born with Old Bay in my mouth. Well not really, but I really do not have a memory when I first tasted this concoction of spices since my parents were lovers of it before my birth. I have successfully passed on this obsession to my kids.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OCOBD...Obsessive Compulsive OLD BAY Disorder...No known cure, signs include red colored teeth and fingers, using OLD BAY in all recipes, and hiding cans of OLD BAY from friends and family.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

I have recycled my OLD BAY cans by filling them with water and turning it into a green money making machine for my friends and neighbors.It helps to conserve about 365 gallons of water a year. Now ,they think about me everytime they flush.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Dirty Cooking....NOBODY puts OLD BAY in a corner.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY have been an excellent environmentally friendly way to keep deer away from my prize winning perennials. The savory spices and hot pepper keep the deer and their delicate palates at bay.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

I have found OLD BAY to be an excellent all natural organic treatment in my crabgrass management program instead of using toxic pre-emergent herbicides.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

I love to give OLD BAY sachets as gifts. They give all of your closets and drawers that fresh seafood scent.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY PATCH...many times I have had to use an OLD BAY patch when I was in areas that did not have OLD BAY available.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

I have found that equal parts of BAKING SODA and OLD BAY is an effective formula for when my cat is skunked. It nutralizes the odors without water which as you know cats do not like. Your cat will be smelling like new in no time.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

We peons, who can not afford BACKFIN LUMP CRABMEAT, make delicious OLD BAY Zuchinni Pancakes and feel just as special.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Everyday I go out to the garden and pick a fresh OLD BAY Zuchinni Cake. MMMMMM

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

You can recycle used OLD BAY cans by filling them with cement and using them as chocks when you work on your vehicles.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

An OLD BAY can can be recycled by filling it with cement and using it as a chock for when working on the car.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

My family likes to keep a can of OLD BAY in the outhouse. Just a couple of shakes in the commode and the place is smelling like a cool bay breeze.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY BONFIRE HOBO MEAL...google your favorite hobo meal recipe,add one teaspoon of OLD BAY, wrap in foil and put near heat source for 40 minutes. Delicious.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY cans make excellent bobbers.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Why spend hundreds on expensive fragrances to deodorize your musty vacuum. Addne some OLD BAY to your vacuum after you empty it and stale odors will disappear in seconds. It will leave your home smelling clean and fresh almost like Mama had a pot of crab soup on the back burner.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Nothing is better than an OLD BAY lei.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Fried Green Tomatoes with OLD BAY: Slice the tomatoes into 1/4 - 1/2-inch slices. Sprinkle with OLD BAY. Dip in corn meal and fry in hot grease or oil about 3 minutes until golden on bottom. Gently turn and fry the other side. Serve as a side dish - delicious with breakfast!

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

Having my can of OLD BAY hanging on my rear view mirror says a lot about me.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia


Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY MACGYVER STIRFRY...take whatever you have in the refrigeratore, sprinkle on OLD BAY and like magic you are a freaking genius in the kitchen.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

OLD BAY Cans are excellent to use as sprinkling cans for ironing. By using the earth friendly patented sprinkler device on the you can use H2O instead of using expensive and toxic chemicals that are in spray starches such as stacarboxymethylcellulossodium,cellulose and preservatives.

Deborah Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

I always use OLD BAY cans for my broken windows to let in a cool breeze and to stop the windows from coming down and smashing little hands. They are just the perfect size.

Anne, Georgetown South Carolina

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Alex, Annapolis Maryland

I went to college up in Saratoga Springs, NY and couldn't find Old Bay most anywhere. So I brought a can from home and kept it in my backpack to bring to the dinning hall and share with everyone. I can't travel without it.

Anne, Georgetown South Carolina

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Anne, Georgetown South Carolina

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Anne , georgetown South Carolina


Anne, Georgetown South Carolina

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Brian , Savannah Georgia

Take pizza dough and mix it with Old Bay. Roll into breadsticks or any shape and bake. They make the best breadsticks.

Deborah Lee Liberatore, Statesboro Georgia

My husband loves to put 1 tablespoon of Old Bay into his pipe tobacco. It drives the ladies crazy. They all begin to ask,"Where are the crabs?"

Bear, Glen Burnie Maryland

I put Old Bay on corn on the cob & fresh Maryland tomatoes! My mouth's watering just thinking about it.



Dean'o, Saginaw Texas

Originally from Jessup/Laurel, Maryland, but now living in Texas -- I put Old Bay on everything, it's even good on vanilla ice cream.

C.J. Fay, Frederick Maryland

I use it on eggs, french fries, potato salad, corn on the cob, hash browns, chicken wings, baked potatoes, shrimp and of course blue crabs!

David, Murfreesboro Tennessee

I have enjoyed OLD BAY for over 20 years. Can never stop finding ways to sprinkle on many different plates. OLD BAY's possibilities are endless.

Debbie, mableton georgia

mix old bay seasoning with the flour used for fried chicken. The Old Bay gives the chicken a wonderful Eastern shore flavor and everyone loves it!

Charles, Baltimore Maryland

Old Bay sprinkled on freshly popped popcorn is the greatest.

DeAndrea Jordan, Houston Texas

My favorite way to use Old Bay is on Pan-seared or grilled salmon, grilled scallops as well as all fried seafood.....

Amanda, Rising Sun Maryland

On hard bolied eggs!! Or when we have a crab feast, put it on sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob, you name it!!

Brandi, Dundalk Maryland

My newest Old Bay recipe...fresh or frozen tilapia filets spritzed with butter spray, sprinkled with Old Bay, and baked in the oven is healthy and delish!!

ann, indiantown Florida

i love old bay i just about use this in everything

ANN, martinsburg West Virginia

always add old bay to macaroni salad!!!add while frying potatoes&onions,unforgetable taste!!

Carol, Atlanta Georgia

There isn't enough room to list all the foods that Old Bay makes better. Breadfast/Brunch, Lunch or Dinner it's the first seasoning I reach for.

Cindy, Lexington Kentucky

My family always requests my deviled eggs for parties - Old Bay is my secret ingredient!

Cindi, Brandon Florida

The OLD Crab Cake recipe is the best and I have used it for many years. I grew up on the bay in Baltimore and I know what true crab cakes should taste like. They need OLD BAY!

Carolyn, Tampa Florida

I grew up in Baltimore, on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. I remember all the crab feasts and this was a staple on mom and dad's table.

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