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Joey Contino, Wildwood New Jersey

Around the parts of Wildwood I am known as the Old Bay Crab King. I crab every day from Memorial Day Weekend tip Labor Day Weekend. I use Old Bay on everything. I use it to much I had to buy the commercial sized container. Even then I go though one of them every two weeks. I LOVE OLD BAY!

Steiny, Lancaster Pennsylvania

I love Old Bay on pancakes !!

Steiny, Lancaster Pennsylvania

My best friend looked at my Old Bay pile of seasoning and said, "Hey Steiny", why is your Old Bay so orange in color and mine is like a brownish orange?" When we looked at the tins of Old Bay my can said good for over 70 years and his can from my mother in law's said good for over 50 years. LOL



Mark, Sandy Hook Connecticut

Of course I use it on every type for seafood, but I also love it on my eggs… scrambled or fried, Old Bay goes on top. On vacation, my grandson always climbs up on my lap to help me eat my breakfast! He loves it too!

Brian, Greensburg Pennsylvania

I recently tried Herr's Old Bay seasoned potatoes chips and I am sold, I need Old Bay.

Joey, Wildwood New Jersey

I got myself the restaurant sized container of Old Bay to put on everything!! I crab 3 times a week and stream them up with old bay. Nothing is better!!! I LOVE OLD BAY!!!!!

on shin, grafton New Hampshire

old bay sprinkled on sea scallop , fried in butter , wow delish!

charlene, new freedom Pennsylvania

Make devil eggs, then put shrimp on top of them, then put your OLD BAY on it. The best devil eggs you will every have. I'm really from Baltimore. I will always love Baltimore and OLD BAY. I carry OLD BAY in my purse at all times. I even took OLD BAY on my cruise to the caribbean islands.

Jane Morley, Villas New Jersey

Used Blackened Seasoning (BS) in homemade chicken veg soup. Sauteed the frozen vegs & cooked chicken in some butter and BS. Added broth. Still needed a punch. Added more BS, let it simmer. Delicious! Not overpowering, or too spicy. Just the right kick! Yum!

Dave, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Crazy? No, but a zealot? Yes! We do ribs big time, and they start with a marinade of beer and Old Bay. Let 'em soak for a day or three, and cook. Somehow we never have enough at the block party...

Mike, Henniker New Hampshire

I love soft shell crabs. Made them tonight and instead of just dredging them in plain flour, I mixed Old Bay and Flour together and then dredged the crabs. Sauteed them in a mixture of butter and olive oil. They were the best ever! The Old Bay made it so special

Rose, Mullica Hill New Jersey

I love to sprinkle old bay on corn-on-the-cob with lots of butter. It's also bomb on popcorn, pizza, anything seafood, potato salad, and fries (of course)!

Jackie Begina, Killingworth Connecticut

First experience with Old Bay in St Croix USVI!! We had bought these amazing fresh shrimp and needed seasoning to grill them, we got old bay and tossed with olive oil and grilled them up, they were amazing, we are now hooked on old bay and we old bay everything even ourselves!! :)

Anthony Martino, Hudson New Hampshire

Mix equal parts old bay with light brown sugar for a great rib rub.

mr, york Pennsylvania

Love Old Bay on crabs, steamed shrimp, Corn on the cob, White pizza topped with crab and Old Bay also great in bloody mary's . I love Old Bay Blackened seasoning on ribs, Grilled chicken and sauteed Asparagus.

Lynne Osborn, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

I put Old Bay on everything-popcorn, corn on the cob, French Fries, shrimp, etc. Its amazing on corn on the cob. :)

Michael, Intervale New Hampshire

Up here in New England, our winters can be pretty tough. We put Old Bay in our Clam Chowda to really heat things up. It's great on lobstah, baked cod, grilled corn and chicken. We bring it camping to put on our popcorn or grilled veggies. I've used Old Bay all my life. Always have. Always will Ayuh!

Barb Still, Auburn Pennsylvania

My families quote for eating is "OLD BAY TODAY".

Chelsea, Poughkeepsie New York

There is nothing I do not adore about it! Even the ravages of vegetarianism cannot keep me from its pungent and flavorful arms!

Jason, Lebanon Pennsylvania

We took a camping trip with 5 families last year and did a shrimp boil. It was a huge success. Everyone in the campground was drooling over our spread as they walked by. Needless to say the rave reviews from last years participants has grown our camping trip to 10 families this year.

James, Rye New Hampshire

At Laconia Bike Week we were vending lobster rolls. I brought a can of Old Bay and suggested patrons try it on their roll. Most had not heard of Old Bay, tried it and loved it! My boss(a purist) was impressed and told me that I should be a salesman for Old Bay!

Tony Daddino, Toms River New Jersey

Old Bay is the "seacret" ingredient in my Bloody Mary.

Marcie Smith, Havertown Pennsylvania

if you want to hear about our summer tradition of Spaghetti & Crabs with LOTS of Old Bay, you'll have to ask me... It just won't fit in that 300 limit no matter WHAT I do... talk to u soon.

chris, Lowell Massachusetts

i use old bay on everything i eat except cereal

Misti, Duncansville Pennsylvania

I carried it to Panama as a gift for my boyfriend and his family the first time we physically met. The family loves it and I have to take more on my next trip. :)

George Malley, New York New York

Rumors have it that New York artist Borbay, "most creative New Yorker of 2009", has chosen Old Bay, the ubiquitous Maryland seafood seasoning as subject in an upcoming project. Old Bay and Newspapers. Subject and substrate.

mark david steinberg, manahawkin New Jersey

I marinate chicken legs and thighs in a combo of Old Bay and good plain yogurt. This is insanely tender and tasty!!

Bob, Albany New York

First off, nobody does steamed crabs better than Baltimore, MD. There's no question how to make them down there! As a transplanted Baltimorian, I endorse and advocate Old Bay. A must have in the cupboard for generations. Old Bay, I salute you!

Robert, Danbury Connecticut

Nothing too exotic here, it's just that Old Bay is my "secret" ingredent in my grilled burgers. It must work because everybody raves about the taste. Old Bay is not my only ingedent , but is one of the key one's.

Dolores, Lawrenceville New Jersey

I am 79 years old and remember the wonderful seafood dishes mother made using Old Bay spicing - especially fried oysters and shrimp. It is a "must have" in my cupboard, too. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Eugene, Red Lion Pennsylvania

My choice of spice is definitely Old Bay, which is always kept at my side in the one and only "Old Bay Holster!

Margaret, Brooklyn New York

Old Bay makes a fantastic rim around the top of a bloody mary glass - I introduced the bartender at my favorite bar to this idea last week. Also used it as a topping for the bowls of popcorn at said bar, and all the regulars are now Old Bay fans.

cheryl, paulsboro New Jersey

my fiance is a such a die hard fan of old bay but not a cook, that's my department. so i have to come up with new ways to get it into his food so far i've put it into everything from his omelets to his buffaloe chicken sandwiches. since i make everything from scratch this isn't hard to do.

Jb, syracuse New York

I would not survive dieting for a body building contest without Old Bay. The stuff is a lifesaver. There is no way I would be able to eat the cold, dry tilapia without it.

The Rev, easthampton Massachusetts

I made a cheeseburger with Old Bay mixed in and then took a fried egg seasoned with Old Bay and put it on top of the burger then topped it off with onions, tomato, and mayo with Old Bay mixed into that. Heaven.

Ruchi, Bogota New Jersey


Nick , New York New York

Originally from Maryland, I have been craving blue crabs since I moved to New York. So, last weekend we went to Chinatown, bought a bushel, and of course, used Old Bay on them!

Renee Linnen, Bronx New York

Cook seafood as usual. Sprinkle on Chili Lime seasoning right before eating. The only problem is I can no longer find it. HELP !!!

norman, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

corn on the cob with butter

Greg, Nazareth Pennsylvania

I use Old Bay Seasoning with dillweed on top of cod, with butter and lemon juice and cook it in the oven. Best way to eat fish!

Donna, Schenectady New York

I use Old Bay to liven up a lot of dishes, especially when I'm pressed for time. I also use it when a recipe calls for Cajun Seasoning.

Trish, Ronkonkoma New York

Tilapia coated with Old Bay & Parmesan cheese, pan-fried in butter! Don't leave the buttery juices behind - drizzle on rice for more Old Bay flavor!

Yaminette Diaz Linhart, Somerville Massachusetts

I am Puerto Rican and never heard of Old Bay. I got a free mini seasoning packet at a festival in Cambridge MA and tried it 2 days ago on Mahi Mahi & absolutely loved it!!!

Sandra, Bronx New York

I rub it on the outside of my red snapper and let sit over night, and that goes for everything that you would fry meaning all fish, scallops shrimp etc.

T J, Marysville Pennsylvania

I like to sprinkle Old Bay on cucumber slices and add it to mayo to use it as a spread on any meat, fish or veggie sandwich.

Tedd, Hyde Park New York

Fried catfish drenched in cornmeal and OLD BAY.

Kimberly, Totowa New Jersey

I put it on everything - toast, popcorn, soup.

Bill, Tuckerton Beach New Jersey

I like to sprinkle Old Bay on sliced fresh tomatoes, drizzle with balsamic vineagrette, grated romano cheese, and serve them as a snack.

Jason, River Edge New Jersey

Old Bay, Beer, Corn, Potatoes, Onions, Sausages and 4 lbs of shrimp....Old Bay Shrimp Boil!

Jennifer, Flemington New Jersey

Old Bay aka: House Seasoning. We use it in every thing from Shake and Bake pork chop breading to rubbing it all over out Thanksgiving Turkey.

John, Cape May Court House New Jersey

I have concocted a cooler of clam juice, tomato juice and several shakes of OLD BAY Seasoning. Bottoms up!

kala, newport Rhode Island

I used it on baked or grilled fish of every kind - cod, flounder, grouper, striper. Just some small pats of butter and Old Bay are perfect.

Bill, Conshohocken Pennsylvania

Just last week, I was preparing pork loin chops for my family dinner I opted for Old Bay instead of the usual garlic powder, salt & pepper-Fantastic!!

Irene, Larchmont New York

Had Old Bay on French Fries in Washington, D.C. several years ago, now won't eat my fries any other way!

Alex, Collegeville Pennsylvania

How about popcorn?!It's awesome on it!

Jason, Albion New York

Makes killer egg salad, not just on top but mix in the mayo and egg salad stuff

Marilyn, Angola New York

I use it in seafood casseroles, soups, cocktails and even seafood pizza.

Marsha , Blairs Mills Pennsylvania

Stuff fresh caught trout with the Old Bay crab cake recipe. Sprinkle trout with Old Bay Rub and butter. Bake at 400' until done. (Depends on trout size)

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